Reference List for Telecom Tower: Domestic Project

Year Customer Project Volume (Ton)
2015 Millennium Plus One Co.,Ltd. AIS Tower Type N 2,173.11
AIS Tower Type S 44.03
Himedia Technology Co.,Ltd. AIS Tower Type "S" 55 m. 8.37
King Telecom Co., Ltd.   True GIF Telecom Tower Type Stub 37 m. 5.44
2014 Millennium Plus One Co.,Ltd. AIS Tower Type N 715.50
AIS Tower Type S 244.61
2013 King Telecom Co.,Ltd. Antenna Mounting for stub, Guyed Mast 232.84
Millennium Plus One Co.,Ltd. AIS Tower (Various Height)   182.97
Before 2013 Alan Dick   Self Supporting Tower 16,574.00
Millenium Plus One   Telecom Tower for AIS 1,053.00
EVE Transmission BBC HF Relay Station 1,050.00
Tower, Siam TV 470.00
Trinergy   Light load guyed mast   850.00
S.P.Portal   Self Supporting for AIS   704.00
Millenium Plus One     Guyed Mast Tower for TA Orange, Southern 627.00
Telecom Tower for AIS 426.00
Shinawatra   Self Supporting for CAT   480.00
Rich Maker Tech   Guy Mast for TA Orange, Southern 52.00
TA Orange Guy Mast for TA Orange 48.00
K.C.P. Master Engineering Telecom Tower   45.00

  Reference List for Telecom Tower: International Project

Year Customer Project Country Volume (Ton)
2014   Digicel Asian Holdings Pte Limited Rapid Development Unit and Narrow Based Towers (various heights) Myanmar 1,993.51
NSN Rapid Development Unit (45 m.) Myanmar 633.63
Ooredoo Rapid Development Unit (45 m.) Myanmar 254.33
2013 CTQ Multi Solution Co.,Ltd. Alexandra Tower SST 60m.   Cambodia 45.95
Before 2013 Alan Dick West Africa Self Supporting Tower Nigeria 4,494.00
Various Self Supporting Tower Egypt 3,318.00
Self Supporting Tower Nigeria 2,079.00
Self Supporting Tower Cameroon 1,579.00
Self Supporting Tower Philippines 736.00
Self Supporting Tower Kenya 683.00
Self Supporting Tower Cambodia 488.00
Self Supporting Tower Namibia 70.00
Self Supporting Tower Taiwan 15.00
Reime NIS AS Self Supporting Tower Philippines 1,580.00
Self Supporting Tower Kenya 683.00
Guy Most Tower Ghana 897.00
Ramboll Alexandra Tower   1,445.00
Alan Dick Thailand Broadcasting Tower 250 M. Ho chi Minh, Vietnam 375.00
Alan Dick Middle East Self Supporting Lattice Tower Qatar 220.00
Alan Dick BV Self Supporting Tower Netherland 204.00
Alan Dick West Africa Self Supporting Nigeria 101.00
Vientiane Telecom Self Supporting Tower Laos 88.00
Reime Jarlso AS Self Supporting Tower Kenya 76.00
Alan Dick Telecom Tower Vietnam 6.60



Project      Value       (MT)   Customer    Year  

Supply steel structure of Embedded Steel for BPLC1R 140MW CCPP Project.Projet(BGrimm), BPLC1R 140MW CCPP Project(Glow), BGrimm BPR1, Kyaukpyu Project.,Myanmar 


      Siemens Energy AB                          


Supply material Fabrication and Erection for the Satellite(West),1st Midfield Satellite Terninal and South Tunnel Expansion Suvarnabhumi Development Project (AOT)




Fabrication and Installation of Steel Structure for  SB4 and SB5 Project (Thai malaya glass)   


Channakorn Engineering  

Supply steel structure of Embeeded Steel for Gulf Project  142 Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB 2016-2017

Fabrication the pallet of automatic 

390 TeoHong 2014-2015

Design Fabrication and  Erection for TLAB (Thai Oil)

3,074 HEC 2014

Design Fabrication and  Erection for PTT HMC Polymers (PTT)

2,784 CTCI (Thailand) 2007-2008

Bayer Polymer Expansion

2,175 Toyo- Thai 2000-2001

Mae Moh 4-7 FGD Retrofit

1,050 ABB Sadelmi SpA 1998-1999

NFC Rayong

3,400 Hyundai 1996

TPI Pipe Rack

300 Toyo- Thai 1996

Star Petroleum Refining

2,600 Yomakodo Iron 1994-1995

ABS/SAN Plant (Phase l)

2,100 CTCI (Thailand) 1994